JustRollingOn – The Plan

I guess one way to start a journey like this would be to hop straight onto the bike and ride off into the sunset!. Well after throwing some darts at a dartboard, further more considered deliberation and a dash of opportunity I have decided to kick off the trip down under in Australia, more of that to come in my blog. Katie and I will spend 2-3 mons in Oz before heading over to South America in November for continent number two.

Europe and Asia will be our aim for 2017 then Africa…..hopefully well before I get too old for all of this….!


JustRollingOn – Stage 1 & Stage 2 Plan

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JustRollingOn – Crossing the outback of Australia


Crossing the breadth of the Australian outback solo by motorbike is possible but far more fun in the company of fellow travellers and expert support. Katie and I will join Magnus and the gang at www.outbackadventuretreks.com.au to make a 16 day crossing from Airlie Beech to Perth during September 2015 taking in some of the most remote an inhospitable terrain the continent has to offer.

Oz 2

JustRollingOn – Route for 2016 Dakar

One of the key objectives of stage two of our journey will be to arrive in Lima Peru on 3rd January 2016 for the start of the 2016 Dakar http://www.dakar.com/index_DAKus.html


A lifetime ambition of mine is to follow the Dakar throughout the epic event in South America. Without doubt what must be the most challenging motorsport event on the planet, both riders and drivers will encounter extremes of environment and exhaustion that few of us can imagine. A true challenge of the will to succeed.